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How to Insulate Your Windows and Doors

Customers often ask how to keep heat in your house during the winter, but we aren’t often asked how to insulate windows for summer. There are many benefits to insulating your windows and doors year-round.

Benefits to Year-Round Insulation

Here are a few of the benefits to insulating your drafty windows and doors throughout the year:

  • Save money on your heating bill by keeping cold air out and minimizing heat loss.
  • Prevent cool air from escaping in the summer, thus conserving energy because your air conditioning doesn’t work as hard.
  • Stop your windows from rattling.
  • Keep allergens and pests outside.
  • Reduce noise.

How to Insulate Your Windows and Doors

There are several DIY home repair options to insulate your windows and doors:

  • Draft snakes are a simple solution, and you can get creative with the design on the fabric tubes. Simply measure the length of the windows and doors before you shop.
  • Adhesive-backed foam and rope caulk are two popular types of weather sealing. You can find them at most home improvement stores and follow the directions on the packaging to seal your windows. It’s best to put them on your windows when the temperature is similar inside and outside.
  • Bubble wrap is a quick and temporary way to cover your windows to keep the cold out. Cut the wrap to size, spray a film of water on the windows and apply the bubble side to the glass. Hold it in place, using double-sided tape if it doesn’t stick right away.
  • Cellular shades and other interior window attachments are a nice decorative option. You can also consider external solutions such as awnings and shutters, or even DIY your own window insulation panels.
  • You can also insulate your windows with plastic window film. Window insulation kits include everything you need, including double-sided tape. Apply it to the inside of your window frame, and the film will shrink to the window when heated with a hair dryer.

Professional Insulation Options

You might also consider asking a professional to upgrade your windows and doors. This provides a more permanent solution that also improves the value of your home and its curb appeal.

Glass Doctor® professionals will help you choose from all the options available and install them to maximize their energy efficiency. Insulated storm windows, for example, are mounted to your primary windows and add a layer of protection from the elements. Options such as double-pane windows reduce the risk of window condensation as well.

What You Get with Glass Doctor

We offer free in-home consultations. One of our experts will arrive at your home on time, measure the windows and doors and discuss your budget. We then provide a free quote within 24 hours and will schedule a time for installation. After the installation, we leave your home cleaner than we found it.

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