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Choosing Interior Glass Doors for Your Home

If you’re shopping for interior doors, you may be planning to match the other doors in your home. However, you have a variety of options to choose from, including styles that stand out while still complementing the rest of your home.

An interior glass door could be the right look for your home. Call Glass Doctor® at 855-603-1919 for a free consultation and expert installation.

Types of Interior Doors

Perhaps the most common interior doors are wooden, such as the traditional stile and rail doors. These typically have five panels, with a center one surrounded by vertical and horizontal panels.

You may not realize the variety of materials you can choose from, such as wood, aluminum or steel doors with glass panels. You can also opt for beautiful styles like interior French doors or other designs commonly seen on the outside of homes.

You are not limited to doors that swing open on a hinge. Consider hanging, accordion-style or sliding doors, for example.

Sliding doors are stylish and functional. In addition to saving space, they also improve your home’s energy efficiency and safety. Sliding barn doors add character, and you can hang them in different ways. You can also choose sliding French doors, glass pocket doors or other types of sliding glass doors.

Benefits of Interior Glass Doors

Why should you consider installing an interior glass door?

  • Glass doors are an excellent option for inside your home because they let in light and make your home feel more spacious.
  • While many think of using glass doors between your living room, dining room or kitchen, they also make beautiful dividers for other areas such as pantries, closets and sunrooms.
  • Interior glass doors offer a variety of design options. You can have one large glass panel or multiple panels that are horizontal or vertical. You can also separate them with intricate patterns. The glass itself can be colored or decorative, such as glass that is beveled, textured or etched with designs.
  • The glass can be thicker to reduce noise and increase the privacy of your home as well.

Custom Interior Glass Doors and Installation

At Glass Doctor, we don’t just install interior doors; we also create custom interior glass doors.

We work with you to design glass doors for your home and will even match them to your windows or other doors. For an embellished look, you can choose from our custom-cut decorative glass options.

Glass Doctor also offers free in-home consultations. Call 855-603-1919 to schedule an appointment or get a quote for your home.