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A Guide to Sliding Door Repair from Glass Doctor

Having problems with your sliding patio door or maybe an interior closet door? There are steps you can take to fix a sticking door, and Glass Doctor® provides several tips below that anyone can use to improve the function of their sliding doors. However, sliding door repairs can be a hassle to work with, so take note of when to ask a professional for help.

Common Problems with Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors, pocket doors and closet mirror doors all have similar wear and tear issues that come up over time, and these are some reasons why:

  • Dirt and debris can pile up in the roller and door track, which causes the sliding door to stick.
  • Misshapen, bent or rusted door tracks can make mobility difficult, and they may need replacing.
  • Rollers that are missing, broken or incorrectly sized can cause the door to stop sliding completely, or it may come off the tracks.
  • Broken or fragile glass within the door frame can also be hazardous, and should be fixed promptly to avoid further damage of the sliding glass door.

Simple Solutions for Sliding Door Repair

If your sliding door is not working as you expect it should, try these recommendations to alleviate the issue:

Clean the rollers

Clean the rollers—Remove the grime trapped in the door track.

Lubricate the wheels

Adding a slick substance improves movement along the bottom of the door.

Reshape the door track

Grab a pair of pliers and bend the metal track back into its original shape (if it is an easy fix).

Is the issue more severe than you were expecting? Contact a professional like Glass Doctor to ensure a safe and proper repair process.

Why Glass Doctor?

The experts at Glass Doctor offer the best solutions for interior and exterior sliding door repairs, and our exceptional service allows our customers to get the most out of their experience. We can fix your sticking door and any rollers, tracks or glass that may need replacing.

Our professionals only use high-quality, durable materials that will have lasting results on any type of sliding door you wish to update or install. Glass Doctor offers custom glass door options, as well as quick installation and repairs—usually within 24 hours of the customer’s call—and emergency services seven days a week.

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